Fathers Academy

László Léder
psychologist, founder

Our Fathers Academy

Our Fathers Academy (Apa Akademia in Hungarian) was established by Laszlo Leder not merely to teach parents, but for the purpose of giving understanding and support in the practical duties of fathers’ everyday life.

Why in Hungary and why now?

Fathers’ situation similarly to many other “developed countries” is featured by the following characteristics:

  • Due to the high rate of divorces thousand of fathers helplessly “fall out” of the family networks each year
  • The effects are worsened by the non-understanding of the importance of fathers’ roles in healthy development of children
  • Positively more and more young Hungarian fathers are seeking the ways to play active nurturer and caregiver role in their children’s life.

Our Goals:

Fathers Academy is devoted to

  • provide evidence-based knowledge about parenting, child development and family dynamics
  • to act as an interactive forum and meeting point for fathers, mothers and couples
  • to carry out up to date research about fatherhood in Hungarian families

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